Satto Tires & Service is a leading provider of  CERTIFIED USED TIRES in the EAST Coast of the United States. Our certification process ensures that only top quality products are made available for ONLINE and On-Site purchase.


Satto Tires brings to your doorstep the best-rated products in the market with unbeatable prices.

Satto Tires & Service's MOBILE TIRE SHOP is the easiest way to service your car's tires without leaving your home or workplace.

We DELIVER our top most services in a fully equipped repair unit that you can book ON-LINE  for your convenience.

A comprehensive solution right at your fingertips and right where you are.

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Satto Tires & Service CERTIFICATION brings the next level of quality control to every single used tire in our stores.  Only Top condition used tires  in Top Market Brands pass our rigourus certification process.